Design Tenets

This document is ALWAYS Work in Progress

Because the Mirror Plane is not an open persistent world, there is no need for an extensive code of conduct that attempts to cover every rule of behaviour you would expect when roleplaying on the server. Regardless, here's a few reminders for newbies and those who haven't played for a while:

Stay in Character
What you type is what your character says. If you want to describe an action or emote, just stick a * at the beginning and the end of your text.

If you must go 'out of character' on a public channel, start your message with OOC. And if you aren't logging out, end your OOC message with BIC (back in character).

If you're in a DM guided quest or event and a DM texts AOOC, that means you are now all out of character until the DM texts ABIC (all back in character).

Don't Vomit Masses of Text
Break up your texts regularly. Blocks of text should be reserved for smaller parties that have some experience playing narratively together, and for DM guided quests or events, when the DM allows it.

Maybe another player wants to interact. If you've typed for one minute straight... stop typing so they have a chance!

Don't Dominate, Charm or Any Other Thing You Think Should Force Another PC to do Something You Want
Regardless of game mechanics. Just don't do that crap. It might be okay for some DMs at their table. It's not ever okay on this server.
Don't Be a Dick
The anonymity and escapism that roleplaying on a persistent world provides does not excuse being a dick.

"I am in character" is still no reason to be a dick. A lot of players will essentially play themselves, so you should keep that lack of distinction (which is not wrong) in mind.

Don't Solo and Don't Insulate Your Character from Social Interaction
If your character is a violent anti-social psychopath, make a new character. This persistent world is a social experience for several players at a time, and not just for you to solo, grind expees, hog loot, and go on a murder-spree.

Don't be Selfish
Share the world. Share the time, share the space, share the dungeons, share the mobs, share the loot.

No Sexting or Whatever it's Called Nowadays (aka The No Fwapping Clause)
If you want 'adult relations', log off and go do that in the real world. This kills persistent worlds. Just don't do it.